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So very much to think about...

Today was a mixed bag. I suppose all days are to some degree but some days my cocks ups have bigger implications and today was one of those days. I’d brought Bronson in and was having a coffee and posting my blog on Pip’s website whilst he ate his breakfast. She had been schooling Henry, one of the horses that has recently come to Pippsway for backing, and was just untacking him. I wanted to check she was happy with the photo I had chosen and so walked up to them with my laptop open and facing them. This upset Henry who proceeded to step on Pip’s foot, I’ve never known any horse at Pippsway to step on Pip or anyone else actually! And then she had to spend a good couple of minutes sorting him out and calming him down. I sat with my laptop feeling awful. How could I have been so thoughtless? It’s amazing to me that even after all this time and my newfound awareness, I can make such silly mistakes.

Once Pip had calmed him down, she said she was going to take him for his first solo walk in hand and would I follow two horse lengths behind and push him forward if he got sticky. I was delighted to be invited, especially after ‘footgate’, and Luke and I happily followed them up the lane. Henry came to Pippsway with leading issues, he would twist and run away. Pip has been working with him on this since his arrival and so his first walk out on his own was a huge achievement! He did brilliantly and there was no need of me at all. When we came to the junction, Pip said I could go and get Bronson ready as Henry had been so good she was happy to take him up to the field by himself. Another first!

I went and got Bronson ready and that went splendidly. I was really mindful and he was relaxed and stood beautifully whilst I got him groomed and tacked up. We had a really good lesson with Pip and I was on cloud nine. So those were the good bits!

Walking Bronson back up the lane to the field we had to pass a car. The car had pulled into a turning so there was tons of room and I jogged past, thanked the driver and carried on. Pip was following behind with Neptune, her newest horse, and she called out to me. I stopped and she said “Bronson was so close to hitting that cars wing mirror”. I was horrified! I can’t see properly out of my right eye but I do have peripheral vision. Bronson’s right eye is completely missing due to an accident a few years ago. So I had moved over to the left side of the lane to pass the car, but I hadn’t remembered to ask Bronson to move over. He can’t see on his right side at all and so had come very close to hitting the car wing mirror. This would have really upset Bronson and I’m sure the owner of the car wouldn’t have been happy either! Pip explained that for Bronson it’s not like me shutting my right eye, as my eye is on the front of my face. She got me to cover my right eye and turn my head to the side, so that my left eye was where Bronson’s is. I realised that I could see loads to my left, but of course nothing on my right. As is my new way of going, I had to take the lesson and at the same time maintain my equilibrium. Pip has taught me that when I make mistakes, I mustn’t compound them by then getting upset around my horse, otherwise this makes my horse feel insecure and just exacerbates the problem. “You need to see for him” she said. Lesson learned, we carried on up to the field.

There’s just so very much to think about when we are with our horses. On the upside, I’m confident I won’t make either of those mistakes again, so it has all been valuable learning. I can’t wait to see Bronson tomorrow and enjoy another day at Pippsway. Hopefully without any clangers this time!


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