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Pippsway Free Range Livery

Break with tradition, free your horse and yourself.


Pippsway livery is a 'full' livery service, but 'full' in the respect that it provides all that your horse needs. So clear your mind from all your perceived ideas on what a full livery service is and read on...

Livery at Pippsway is about investing in an environment.   This environment is set up to provide the best conditions for your horse to flourish both mentally and physically, but by default also provides you with the same benefits.


Full livery means you will have more freedom to actually spend time with your equine friend rather than using up precious hours spent on tasks such as mucking out. This environment forms the best foundations on which you can build your relationship with your horse, which is especially important if you are experiencing any unwanted behaviours.

Horses free range livery Pippsway Wellington Somerset near Devon acres of pasture living as a herd

What the Pippsway environment gives your horse.


Living out all year. The horses truly are free range!

At Pippsway, we believe it is essential for the horse's wellbeing for them to be living out as much as physically possible. Therefore all of the horses at the yard enjoy living out all year.  There are plenty of tie posts under cover to spend time with your horse, and when you are finished, your horse returns to the field.  In extreme circumstances a stable would be made available at Pip's discretion (such as due to illness or extraordinary weather conditions).

Access to unrestricted field space. No electric fenced paddocks, just acres of well maintained, old pasture with hedge browsing access.  All the fields have natural shelter (trees and hedges) from the sun, wind and rain and access to water troughs.

Herd living. The horses at Pippsway live in small herds, giving opportunity to learn, socialise and play.  The herds are carefully managed to ensure both horse and human guardians remain happy and safe.

Consistency. All of the humans at the yard (accepting each is on their own journey and level) embrace the Pippsway ethos.  This means your horse will receive consistent handling if anyone else ever comes into contact with your horse, thus avoiding confusion and unwanted behaviour.

Pippsway offers the following types of livery for horses and ponies.

  • Full livery without training

  • Full livery with training

  • Problem Horse and problem solving

  • Backing

  • Schooling

  • Holiday (while the owner away or unable to look after their horse for a while)

  • Rehabilitation after illness or injury

horses livery grazing free range Pippsway Wellington Somerset near Devon

All of the horses at Pip’s yard run in a natural herd environment. Every horse is treated as an individual and Pip strives to make sure each herd member is balanced and content. She believes that a horse that is confident in its place in the herd is a relaxed and happy horse.

Pip also focuses on diet and general health for each horse, to maintain optimum fitness.

Full livery is £502 pcm (note we do not offer DIY or part livery). Please contact Pip for availability.

Herd livery free range grazing pasture Pippsway Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

Holiday Cover.

If you need to take a break from looking after your horse, for whatever reason, Pip is able to accommodate horses for short periods. You can rest assured that your horse will be cared for in the best possible way. Pip will continue training with your horse if required.

Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship free range livery grazing pasture herd natural Wellington Somerset near Devon



Having spent six years on a racing yard, Pip has a particular interest in the rehabilitation of racehorses, enabling them to develop a new life after racing. She is also able to accommodate horses that are recovering from injury or illness, allowing them to convalesce in peace and regain their strength and confidence.

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