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Why Pippsway

At Pippsway, you will learn how to build a harmonious relationship with your horse.
At Pippsway you will learn...

  • How to understand and communicate with a horse in a way the horse understands naturally.

  • About horse behaviour.

  • About the needs of a horse both emotionally and physically.

  • How to move in harmony as one with your horse, both from the ground and whilst riding.

  • How to play with and have fun with your horse.

  • How to look after your horse

  • How to jump

  • Dressage movements

  • How to hack out with confidence both on and off road

With Pippsway you will be able to...

  • Ride out on hacks to experience the joy of riding a horse in the countryside.

  • Receive tuition whilst out on a hack, so you get to experience what it is like to ride out but also is a learning and educational experience.

  • Ride your horse in fields and canter in open fields to enjoy the feeling of freedom and speed.

Endurance riders Pippsway Classical Horsemanship Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon
Who do I teach?
Riders of all abilities are welcome at Pippsway
  • I specialise in teaching people with their own horses and rehabilitate problem horses.

  • I teach people from five years upwards. All lessons are private, one to one.

  • I teach complete beginners right through to advanced riders.

  • I teach people that have lost their confidence or have never had any confidence.

Problem Horses and Problem Solving

My unique way of working with horses and owners is proven to help where patterns of behaviour have become firmly embedded. My gentle methods will change behaviour without creating more fear. I can take problem horses at my yard to work on specific issues, or can work with owners in their own homes.

Please contact me to discuss your horse and any problems you may be experiencing.

Every client is accepted as an individual. You will work at your own pace, and you will never be asked to to something that you do not want to do or are not ready for.

The starting point is always to get the right and strong foundations in place and then build on the foundations so you become confident in the art of Horsemanship.

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