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First horse connection clinic of the season!

We’ve just held our first horse connection clinic of the year here in Somerset, and despite snow, rain and freezing cold temperatures (interspersed thankfully with some glorious sunshine) we had a hugely productive and fun time. Our horses and riders worked really hard and as a result finished the weekend having made much progress.

Each session is tailored to the individuals – to their level and to their objectives. Some were purely doing groundwork and others ridden – or a mix of the two. The clinic covered jumping, dressage and polework.

Take a look at the photos, gallery and videos below. If you’re interested in attending a clinic at Pippsway this year you can find more information here, or contact us to discuss and book.

Above: Sam and Mahogany, a young horse that has only been a partnership for 6 months, so we focused on ground work to build a solid foundation for a long lasting trust-based relationship.

Above: Becky and Dumbledore working on collection, extension and smoothness, in preparation for one-day eventing.

Above: Sarah and Tuey, an older horse, building trust back by doing ground work as the relationship between horse and human had broken down.

Above: Pip with Callie, a black mare. Pip worked with her the whole weekend as human/horse relationship had broken down. No trust at all, just confusion and mistrust. So to give clarity to the horse Pip worked with her, and she is staying on for further education with her owner under Pip's guidance and mentoring.

Above: Sue & Mr P, an older Arab but young in mentality who is very complex, so as with any horse and human you never stop learning and improving.

Above: Vee and Phoenix only recently backed. Her aim (and achievement) at this clinic was for Vee to start riding solo in the arena.

Videos from the clinic

A slideshow of other photos...


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