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I have been riding horses more than 20 years. During all that time I felt that an understanding of the horse was missing from my knowledge. Why they do what they do and how should I respond.

I hadn't grown up with animals and in particular horses baffled me. I was about to give up, I was always a fearful rider. Then I went on Google and I saw Pippsway natural horsemanship. I read her page, then phoned her.  She invited me to come and chat. We chatted and I so wanted to start immediately.  A couple of weeks latter Icy moved in. Pipp started from the minute he stepped in her trailer to move. She has a strength and energy I had never met before. So inspirational, she makes you believe in yourself.  We had 6 amazing months at her yard. It changed my life with horses, I am still riding and loving it and still working on my boy.

As humans it is so easy to love our horses to the point that we want them to be human.I have learnt to respect the horse, yet work with him to make sure we are a herd of 2 and he respects me. I am still learning and it will go on. I get the see the work other riders have done and that learning and training for both never stops. This is so rewarding.I cannot recommend Pippa's highly enough. You will have fun, you will learn lots and you will understand more than I can say. Don't put it off, if you want to get a connection that is beyond words call her.


Jill Holland - Street

When I discovered Pippsway I couldn’t have imagined how Pip’s mentoring would change my life in positive ways! My relationship with horses has been transformed and I now have my own horse in livery at Pippsway. Pip mentors me and trains my horse and it has been the journey of a lifetime! So inspired was I that I asked Pip if I could write a blog about my experiences which you can read on this website. Pip can teach you how to truly communicate with your horse and transform your relationship. Every claim she makes on her website is true. Being with horses has never been so rewarding or more fun! She’s the best and I feel so lucky to be learning the art of horsemanship with her. If you want to learn how to communicate with horses and reach the highest level of connection possible then contact Pip. Your horse will thank you!

Samantha Shanks-Husbands - Exmouth


Amazing! Our cob had issues loading, we tried every trick in the book but got so stuck on how to get him in. Jackie got in contact with Pip and at first I must admit to being very skeptical as only knowing the traditional way. After watching and seeing Pip with Joe (and asking lots of questions, with them all answered and fully explained!) I was completely amazed. With all of Pips help, knowledge and patience she showed us all a completely knew way of doing things. We now have a happy pony who loads straight away and a bond that can only get better thanks to Pip for teaching us the horsey language. I couldn't rate Pip high enough, totally and utterly amazing!

Hattie Cresswell - Honiton

Keeping my pony at Pippsway has been one of the best moves I have ever made. Pip is always on hand when I can't catch my pony and has given me the tools and confidence in order for me to catch her alone. Through Pips teaching I have grown as a person and my pony and I have learnt mutual respect. We have an understanding of each other which continues to develop. I feel that with Pips guidance we have connected as horse and rider and our journey to true horsemanship has begun.


Adele Rowe - Exmouth


Having contacted Pip recently to help with a loading issue I had with my cob, she has truly opened my eyes to finding a different approach to working with these intelligent animals, I honestly cannot thank Pip enough for her help and guidance throughout this last few weeks, and our Fantastic outcome today wasn’t just having a happy horse willing to load, but happy owners / loaners that now feel we are starting to understand our pony, Thank you so much Pip Xx

Jackie - Taunton


Pip is just AMAZING! I had an aggressive, dangerous horse that terrified me! I now have a happy, loving boy, with a partnership I could have only dreamed of! He is a joy and I will never forget and always be grateful for everything Pip taught us.

Mel Richards - Weston-super-Mare

My daughter (Leia) and I met Pipp in August this year just after we bought our two year old Welsh Section D (Zeus) and I count my blessing everyday for finding Pipp! Pipp has taught both Leia and myself how to speak horse and after only the first lesson the bond and understanding between Leia and Zeus was amazing. Even though our training has mainly been with Zeus the knock on effect it has had to our 18 year old mare is just as amazing as we are now all speaking in the same language. Pipp has a very natural and effective way of teaching and we value her knowledge and experience.

Katy Bower - Wellington

I can't recommend Pip highly enough. Pippsway has changed my life around (and my horses) I have learnt so much and will continue to do so. I love everything about Pippsway, Pip, the horses (especially Jazz ), the yard, the dogs and the ethos. From free schooling and groundwork right through to advanced skills Pippsway is definitely the way forward in my opinion

Carly Bishop - Wellington


Pip has a profound and deep knowledge base which has helped me to underpin my own understanding of horses. I find her direct approach fills the time with useful information and encourages a practical and natural approach. Thank you very much for your help and support, I learnt more about feed and hooves in that hour than I have in 10 years.

Rachel Tindal - Glastonbury


Fantastic find. Love Pip & her approach, the horses, the dogs & the yard. So happy to be riding again!

Kate Tierney - Brisol


I have been having lessons with Pip now for many years and she has carried me through to levels of understanding and ability that I never thought were possible. I can now ride in a way I only dreamt of and I love every moment I spend with my horses. And the wonderful thing with Pip is that there is no limit, she will take you wherever you want to go with your riding or horsemanship. Stick with Pip and it just gets better and better – my healthy and happy horses can vouch for that!! Pip’s endless kindness and support has made the tough times bearable and the good times shine.

Hannah Russell - Exeter

10 years on from writing this testimonial I remain a devoted student to Pippsway. A lesson with Pip never fails to re-engage me if life had pulled me away from the wonderful connection that is possible with my horses and leaves me inspired and re-energised. I am always in awe of her incredible skill and understanding of horses and the sensitivity and compassion that she shows to both horses and clients alike. I no longer feel I have a ‘problem’ to solve but I will never stop enjoying the incredible learning that my horses, Pip’s horses, in fact every horse, has to offer and my horses have gone on to push their limits, achieve new things and have new adventures. Pip’s support throughout is unwavering and I know that I will continue to grow and learn for as long as I am lucky enough to have Pip as my teacher.The sky is the limit! I just can’t recommend Pip strongly enough. She really could change your life!!!

Hannah Russell - Exeter


Following weaning after a surprise foal, I embarked on the journey to bring my new mare into work. It soon became apparent that she was extremely green, had several issues which needed to be addressed and was generally a ‘drama queen’. I needed the help, knowledge and experience of someone who would work with us both. Ultimately, I was looking for her and I to progress,

A search on the internet brought the talented Pip to my attention. Pip works in a way which  puts the interests of the horse at the forefront. Her fabulous way of working with both horse and owner has been an eye-opener for me. Pip’s teaching the importance of my energy, intention and body language in the way that I work with my horse has also been invaluable.

Many, many months have been spent, under the careful guidance of Pip, doing a variety of groundwork. The importance of which has not been lost on me. My mare and I have over time forged a really good, trusting bond.

My mare needed to be re-backed. During this process she has been equipped with the correct, previously omitted, foundations she has needed to enable her to become a well adjusted, confident horse.

I, as a rusty, novice rider, have also benefitted greatly from riding lessons. I continue with these and am being retrained in classical riding, a style which enables the horse to move freely, whilst encouraging me to become more self aware.

I am still on this amazing journey. My mare and I have progressed so far and will continue to under Pips guidance. I can’t recommend Pip highly enough. Finding Pip is truly the best thing I have done for my mare and I.

June Payne - Taunton


Puzzle has lived at Pippa's for 18months now and what a transformation. From gastric ulcers, worried, flighty, unable to be in a group, didn't want to work, couldn't listen or concentrate - Puzzle that was. So this was Puzzle 18months ago and now he is very happy in his group of friends, ulcer free, still worries occasionally, loves work and much quicker to focus and listen. Pip has taught us both so much and given us both the strength to be able to do all these things together. Her calm confidence rubs off for animals and people alike, she shows how to change your own posture and outlook to show your horse how to carry himself and have confidence which in turn has made me more confident too. Pip has taught us both and given us the inner strength to have fun in our work together, to enjoy being a partnership and to look forward to more amazing things in the future. Without her none of this would have been possible for either of us what an amazing journey which i would recommend to anyone who just wants to be with a horse, ride, learn groundwork/handling or find inner strength. Thanks Pip from Puzzle and me.

Nicki Stokes - Clyst-Hydon


Pippa is incredibly knowledgeable and intuitive in her work with both equines and humans - you only have to look at her horses to know how she is doing something very right indeed. Fantastic teacher and mentor….can’t recommend enough!

Helen Macdonald - Taunton


Pip`s teaching and support has been life changing for me. I came to Pip after a frightening experience with a horse bolting and thought my cantering days were over. With Pip`s inspiring teaching I am riding with great confidence, happily cantering across open fields, wild moors, and doing Endurance events! All this is done riding bitless with loose reins, barefoot and using a treeless saddle. I enjoy this natural way of riding as does my perfect pony Bless.  Pip`s natural horsemanship approach has opened my mind to a better way of being with horses and I have a wonderful connection with Bless.

Rhiannon Holman - Wellington



We engaged Pip’s services in helping our Thoroughbred horse who had had a horrible past. Our horse was constantly lame after moving from the North East & when all the conventional experts told us she was a lost case & ‘money pit’ we turned to natural horsemanship to delve deeper into why her behaviour had changed as I knew there were other reasons going on. Pip showed us how to tap into & work through her frustrations, anxieties, stresses & how to listen to what she was telling us. We have learnt so much – not only in respect of handling our horse but other people's views on natural horsemanship & always believing in ourselves & our horse. Our work is ongoing, but with a far more positive attitude from both parties & the improvement is ongoing in every direction. Pip has also helped us find a lovely companion for our horse, again, it needed to be the right one to show positiveness. We can’t thank Pip enough & highly recommend her, thank you Pip ever so much! !

Judith Tyrer – Stroud


I love Pips approach to horsemanship. It has made me re-think the way I handle and ride horses. Pip takes the time to find out what you really want to achieve from your riding, so that she can ensure that she is helping you to achieve your goals. I had completely lost my confidence in hacking out. With Pip I am gaining an understanding of how horses behave and react, by working with them on the ground. In turn this will help me to appreciate how this same behavior manifests itself when riding. I look forward to continuing to work with Pip in the future, and achieving my goals.

Claire Wells – Yeovil


Pip was recommended to me by a friend after I bought an unhanded horse. I started using natural horsemanship methods but they didn’t seem to be working and now my horse is proof that Pip’s approach works. She has taught me how my behaviour and thoughts influence my horses and how important trust is. I am now bringing my horse on slowly after she went to Pip’s for backing and now she is one of the best behaved horses at my yard – she is excellent in traffic and listens to me not other horses. I still have a long way to go and will continue to work with Pip. I would recommend her to any horse rider/owner.

Catherine Hyde-Phillips – Yeovil



Pip came to our house to help us with a very lively Vizsla puppy. She was instantly able to calm him and provided us with valuable insight into his behavior and ways to train him ongoing. Her knowledge and explanations of how our behavior affects the dog's behavior was excellent and a huge help towards us being a happy family.

Russell Edge – Rockbeare



Pip came to me as I was having difficulties handling my horse. Pip showed me how my behavior and lack of confidence was affecting him. She helped me to ‘listen’ to what he was trying to tell me and coach me through to a better understanding of our relationship. After just one session I could see the difference in him and I felt far more capable and happier. I still have a long way to go and I look forward to our next session, and the possibilities it holds for us both. I thank Pip for the freedom she has given us and would highly recommend her.

Natalie Bailey - Wellington



Pip totally transformed my misunderstood upset horse into a calm and happy mare. Cant thank everyone (and horses) at the yard enough. I’ve always felt shy and embarrassed on most yards, you are never made to feel wrong or stupid for having had problems, just the most helpful place I’ve ever seen. THANKYOU!

A Knight-London


I was having problems with my young horse, who I had owned for around 9 months. He had been diagnosed with gastric ulcers and had lost (or not gained in the first place) trust in me. I was having tacking up and mounting issues amongst others. I found Pip on the internet. I like the Natural Horsemanship approach and after seeking to her I decided to give it a go. She came out to my yard to give me some lessons, but I felt he needed more intensive training as I don’t have the time or experience. I sent him to Pips and after just a couple of weeks he was a changed boy. Pip then spent a few weeks working with us both and I continue to have lessons as I need them. I can only say every penny was very well spent. I was about to give up having a horse after many years of riding, Pip has given me back the fun and I would recommend her to anyone – Thank you Pip.

Nicki Stokes – Cullompton

I have always wanted to learn to ride, but have always been very nervous around horses. Now in my thirties, after a New Year's resolution that lead me to think ‘Now or Never!’, I contacted Pip.

Pip has gently introduced me to her horses and explained how they think and how my behavior affects theirs. My confidence is growing with every lesson and I’m loving every minute!

Louise Cottey - Ilminster


Pip yard is very very good. Pip offers a lot of help. My horse is at pip yard and doing will.

Rebecca Russell - Wellington


Thanks for that I can’t wait till Saturday that’s all i am talking about is how nice your yard and ponies are I didn’t realise about my balance or how much i could learn from you in half an hour would recommend you to anyone no matter what their needs.

Laura, age 12 - Wellington


Pip has always been supportive and encouraging both during lessons and in between  She has taken my relationship with my horses to another dimension by increasing my understanding of their needs. In turn this has made me more assertive, not only with my horses, but with life in general. Pip has enabled me to improve my confidence through her teaching with her consistent, firm but fair, no nonsense, with a dash of humour, approach.

Velia Robinson - Exeter

Thanks to Pip my cob and I are now well on our way to becoming a happy partnership. She’s always been there with good advice when I’ve needed her and has the knack of knowing just when to move you onwards and upwards in the relationship between you and your horse.

Gill Hicks – Aylesbury

Pip has a great way with both horses and people. You will learn a better way to be with horses and learn about yourself along the way.

Imogen Featherstone – Taunton

Thanks to Pip, I now have a happy, contented young horse and I have my trust and confidence back. Without her help and guidance, I would never have got to this point. Pip has been extremely supportive and I look forward to her visits, just so I can try to learn a little bit more from her each time! I thoroughly recommend her to anyone who wants to do the right thing for their horse.

Rachael Elliott – Shepton Mallet

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