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Reiki Healing and Treatment.


Reiki is a natural, hands-on healing technique, which is not attached to any religious denomination.


Reiki provides the same benefits to horses, indeed most animals, which it does to humans.


Learning Reiki is a very worthwhile endeavor. Not only can you use this safe healing system to treat yourself, family, friends and children, but you can then use the technique on animals and plants too.


I am available to treat people as well as animals, the sessions can take place in the comfort of your own home. If you feel you would like to benefit from a Reiki Treatment, then please do not hesitate to contact me to make arrangements.


Horses, by their very nature, are highly spirited and emotional animals and they can benefit enormously from the ancient Japanese “universal life energy” transference, healing technique.

Spanish Stallion Horse hacking riding classical natural horsemanship Pippsway Wellington Somerset near Devon

Reiki for horses is a useful complement in treating:

  • Sweet Itch – Seasonal Recurrent Dermatitis (SSRD), Culicoides Hypersensitivity.

  • Depression – Changes in routines, atmosphere can cause signs of depression in equines.

  • Aggression – Allowing opportunities to interact with other horses to promote good health and behavior.

  • Traumas – Trauma symptoms, including: Confusion, poor coordination, unsteadiness on foot, dullness,slowness.

  • Lethargy – Anaemia and lethargy in horses.

  • Laminitis – A Disease that affects the feet of horses.

  • Behavioural – Showing signs, including: Tense body, alert ears, head held high, disconnecting mentally, holding breath.

  • Stiff Joints – Arthritis, swelling ,cartilage and bone degeneration.

And many more ailments. Reiki does not interfere with or replace conventional medicine, but it can prove a powerful complement to it. It is a spiritual healing technique that helps reduce stress and pain and so accelerate the natural healing process.

Livery grazing pasture horsemanship natural Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

Reiki for Horses with Pip.

As well a being a Reiki Master and teaching the ancient art of Reiki, I also successfully treat horses as part of my Natural Horsemanship training methods.

Because Reiki works by energy transference, I will firstly rest my hands upon the horse. I may have to work around a few areas (chakras) until I and the Horse find the energy channel that is most comfortable for us to communicate through, though ultimately all main energy channels will be treated.


I will know when the horse is beginning to respond (this may take 10-20 minutes) because there will be changes in his respiratory rate and he may well seem to go into 'sleep mode', almost as if he has just been sedated.

The horse will feel a deep sense of warmth and he will be filled with a sense of comfort and relaxation, thus enabling him to let go up any pent up emotions and to let go of his pain.

I can also treat a horse using distance healing, please contact me for further information.

Healing Horses - My Mission Statement​.


I have always loved horses and they now take up a large part of my life. I learnt to practice Reiki initially because I accidentally discovered that I was able to communicate with horses just by running my hands over them. I then decided to learn the ancient art of Reiki so I could understand fully what the horses were trying to tell us. I consider it part of my goal to always channel messages to/from the horse whenever possible.

It has been a natural progression for me to add Reiki to my Natural Horsemanship treatment and training methods, and as very useful aside I can now apply the techniques in every other aspect of my life too.

I practice Reiki in conformance with the Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 and the Reiki Association Code of Ethics. A transcript (No.5 – vi) from the Reiki Association Code of Ethics is shown below:

The Veterinary Surgery Act of 1966 prohibits anyone other than a qualified veterinary surgeon from treating animals, including diagnosis of ailments and giving of advice on such diagnosis. However the healing of animals by contact healing, by the laying on of hands or distant healing is legal. However The Protection of Animals Act 1911 requires that if an animal clearly needs treatment from a veterinary surgeon the owner must obtain this. Therefore before treating animals it is advisable to seek assurance from the owner that the animal has been examined by a vet. To give emergency First Aid to animals for the purpose of saving life or relieving pain is permissible under the Veterinary Surgeons Act 1966 Schedule 3.

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