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Learning to love riding again – a livery client's story

Why do I love Pippsway Livery? Well I could talk about the 24/7 turnout (amazing, huge fields by the way), the great facilities, the super friendly group of other liveries, and the fabulous riding, but actually I want to share my and Dolly’s story as I think a lot of horse owners will relate.

When Dolly and I came here around 18 months ago I was lacking confidence in my riding. I’d had a few scares on other horses (mainly around cars) and I carried some negative baggage when I bought Dolly. Though kind and gentle she was green. She needed a rider she could trust, and I was frustrated because she was reluctant to go forward. I thought she was a lazy plod, and riding just wasn’t fun anymore.

I was reassured to hear from Pip that she’s really happy working with problem owners as well as problem horses! I knew the issue was largely me, but I didn’t know how to overcome it. Pip has seen it all before so there was no judgment. She worked with us both on the ground a lot to start with, in the school and out on the lanes. I learnt that Dolly was blocked and the more I tried to force her to move forward, the more she was resisting.

Through Pip’s clear but patient instruction we both learnt so much. Fast forward to now and I’m absolutely loving riding, and Dolly loves to move – no more plodding!

I’ve enjoyed every bit of our journey at Pippsway Livery so far. Of everything I’ve learned, the standout thing for me is just how much horses mirror our emotions. I can see it so clearly with Dolly now, and it’s often subtle. For example when I’m not breathing calmly around her – maybe I’m feeling a bit nervous about riding out or maybe it’s nothing to do with her and I’m just in a rush or worried about something else. I calm my breathing and low and behold, she calms too!

Being at Pippsway has transformed horsemanship for me and I’m so grateful.

Katie & Dolly, livery client of Pippsway Livery


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