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What a difference a day can make...

close up photo of a horses eye at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

After yesterday’s shenanigans I came to the yard today in a completely different mindset. I knew I couldn’t afford another day like yesterday and also know, from past experience, that I’m capable of so much more!

On my drive to the yard I planned exactly what I was going to do and how I was going to do it. As soon as we arrived, I walked Luke and then popped him back in the car so I could focus entirely on the matter at hand. I got everything ready, put Bronson’s feed in his stable for when we finished and walked up to the field.

I made sure my headcollar and lead rope were in my hand in such a way that I could put Bronson's headcollar on with ease and not get in a tangle, walked across the field with good posture, belly breathing and calm. He stood still whilst I popped his headcollar on, ensuring it was not twisted and then I went to walk forward. He didn’t come willingly, so I upped my energy. Saturn began to follow us so I asked her to stay with the herd and we went to the gate.

I was completely focused, decided and determined. Bronson on the other hand, having lost confidence in me, decided to give a repeat performance. The beauty of it was that having been shown by Pip yesterday exactly how to respond and correct this, it wasn’t a problem. That’s the beauty of having Bronson at Pippsway, issues that would otherwise have an opportunity to develop into bigger problems are nipped in the bud and every day I’m here I learn something new. Having Pip’s expertise on hand is simply invaluable!

We came down and had a really good session.

I am delighted that it went so well and that I was able to apply everything I learned yesterday to achieve a positive outcome. Not surprisingly, when you’ve set the bar in the field, everything that follows is so much easier! He was far more responsive today and was doing his happy blowing thing that he does when he’s enjoying his work.

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