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horses and dogs running free at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

Despite the positive outcome, of successfully bringing Bronson in from the field when he had other plans, I went home and asked myself the question that Pip taught me very early on……’how am I causing this?’. Pip has known Bronson for many years and he has always been happy to be brought in from the field so this behaviour was new and obviously down to me and something that I was doing.

It didn’t take long for me to realise that I’ve slipped into the wrong energy again. This past while I’ve been so intent on ‘getting things right’ and ‘making progress’ that I’d lost sight of the fun side of being together and the sheer enjoyment that I used to get from just being around Bronson. Instead I had slipped into being quite full on and bossy irritated, which seems to be my default setting if my horse or dog aren’t listening; going up to the field like I’m Bronson’s arresting officer! No wonder he thought he’d rather not! Thankfully since realising this and going up to the field with a different attitude, Bronson has been a super star!

My dog had also been refusing to come over to me to have his collar put on at the yard, despite being perfect at home, and it transpired that I had been making the same mistake with him. Again just a change in my attitude and praising him when he did come over made all the difference.

Before I met Pip I would have assumed the problem was with the horse or the dog. Now I know better and the great thing is when you’re the problem it’s within your power to fix it!

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