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Everything matters...

Horses and wolf dog running in the fields at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

Well after a week off, due to Bronson being lame and me having a head cold, I came up to the yard mindful that I might be rather rusty at being ‘in the zone’. Since coming to Pippsway the fundamental rule, that has underpinned everything I've learned, is that everything matters! Every single thing that we do with our horse, and how we do it, is vitally important whether we like it or not! I don't get to choose what matters and what doesn't. It all matters and if I want to be at one with my horse it's down to me to master the mindfulness required to ensure that during every part of our interaction I’m saying the right thing.

Pip had asked me to lunge Bronson in just a headcollar as it was his first day back in work. Knowing as I do how important every single thing is, and being aware that I'd not been in that headspace for a while, I took a moment before bringing him down from the field, to think through exactly what we were going to do and how I was going to do it.

I set up my GoPro as taking photos at a recent clinic had been a timely reminder that reviewing what we are doing is vitally important! So often what we think we are doing with our bodies is a long way off what we are actually doing! I then made sure that everything I would need was where I would need it! This meant when I brought Bronson in from the field I was able to do everything in a confident and self assured way.

My consideration paid off! Bronson worked really well and everything went smoothly. Setting us up for success, being mindful of everything we do and ensuring I am doing it confidently, focusing on the matter at hand and doing it to the best of my ability, these are the steps that will lead us to where I want to be!

We worked for 30 minutes in the ménage and by the end of it I was pooped. Not because of the physical exertion but because of the mental focus required. Being aware of my entire body, Bronson’s entire body and making sure I was asking for things in the right way plus making sure he was responding was a great workout for my mind! Ultimately I really need to improve my mental and physical stamina.

At the end of our session I felt really pleased with how it had gone. We had improved and we’ve come so far together. That's another thing I love about Pippsway…...even a simple lunge session can leave you with such a feeling of fulfilment when you put everything you've got into it.

So I've set the bar. Every time I come to the yard to work with Bronson my intention is to ensure that I conduct myself in such a way as to take another step towards the goal. I look forward to when I can choose what we will do that week. A fun ride? Beach ride? Run on the gallops? And most importantly all those things truly will be fun as we’ll be doing them Pippsway…..together as one!

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