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A week with the Maestro...

Spanish mare being schooled at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

I couldn't make it up to the yard for a week over the holidays, so Pip took the opportunity to work intensely with Bronson. My oh my! What a transformation! From the moment I met Bronson in the field on my return, the difference was apparent.

He was so much lighter at the end of the lead rope, he walked forward willingly down the lane, he followed me through the gate listening. He was the only horse in, so I didn't waste any time and got him tacked up straight away. He accepted his bit and bridle without question, which is a massive change!

We went up to the ménage for our lunging session…...Well! He was so forward, engaging his hindquarters and rounding his back. He looked so beautiful and worked so hard and willingly it was a joy! The lunge line had slack in it at all times he was so sensitive to my instructions. Whereas normally he would be less reponsive if he was further away, even on our larger circles he listened perfectly.

It really is humbling to see what can be achieved in just one week when a horse is worked with so expertly! Now my job is not to undo any of that!

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