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The horse's advocate...

Arab gelding in side pull bitless bridle hacking on the Quantocks, trained at  Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

Since I came to Pippsway one of the greatest comforts during my journey has been always having Pip as the horses advocate. In my recent lesson Pip was teaching me how to ask Bronson to work in an outline without using my legs or my reins and we had really improved. But, as I transitioned from trot to walk, I bounced on his back. Pip called me out on it and explained that all my work in getting him to relax and round his back had just been undone by my thoughtless transition, that it was hurting his back when I bounced on it and next time I asked him to round his back it would be harder to gain his trust, also Bronson is a rehabilitation case and if I bounce on his back he is very likely to buck!

Every lesson is yet another reminder of the level of attention that I need to maintain. I had never thought about my transitions before or how, in one thoughtless moment, you can undo all that you have achieved. Pip talked me through how to transition smoothly, even given my current ability, and how to come to a halt on point beautifully without relying on my reins.

I absolutely love learning to ride in this way. Learning to ride in an outline without relying on reins, legs or any other tack and Pip helping me to train my mind as well as my body is just amazing!

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