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The Bronson factor...

one eyed ex racehorse cantering in the fields at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

I’ve been really lucky to have had several lessons on Bronson now. Each time I have felt a feeling that I thought was lost to me a very long time ago. From the outset, during all our groundwork, Bronson boosted my confidence and when I ride him I feel like a lighthearted, carefree 8 year old! I don’t think I have ever felt so confident when riding and the joy lasts for days after my lessons. I had been quietly wondering to myself whether riding Pippsway with any horse would feel quite so spectacular or was it a ‘Bronson thing’?

Imogen very kindly offered to give me a lesson on her horse Jack. He is a beautiful gypsy cob and I had freeschooled him once in the past. He had responded so well, doing everything I asked of him effortlessly, so I was very happy to ride him. It was a very different experience to riding Bronson as Jack is smaller with a very different movement. Also he is so in tune with thought that I had to be really careful what I was thinking about! As soon as I thought of doing something he would start doing it! He has a very flexible back and I had to be really on the ball keeping him together. He is a wonderful teacher and he showed me exactly where I was going right and wrong. It was a really fun lesson and Jack is a lovely horse, but I had my answer. It’s not a riding thing, it’s a Bronson thing! My inner 8 year old only wants to make an appearance when he is around.

I talked it over with Pip and she agreed we make a good match. We both need to start from the beginning and we can do it together. In the fullness of time I would like to ride him on the Quantocks, the beach, Woodbury Common and eventually I would love to learn to jump with him. Knowing that he and I will be working together from here on in and that our journey has already begun has given me a new zest for life! I feel so excited at the possibilities in front of us. I look forward to seeing him every time I come to the yard and just grooming him fills me with happiness! And that is why the lesson we had next was such an important one!

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