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All aboard!

one eyed ex-racehorse being ridden in a bitless bridle at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

I’ve been learning the all important art of groundwork with Pip and her horses for a time now and I’ve absolutely loved it. My relationship with horses has completely changed and, for me, being with horses is no longer mainly focused on riding. This week Pip decided it was time I actually rode a horse. Bronson and I were both in a good mood, the sun was shining and I couldn't wait to get started. What I love about Pippsway is that you are taught how to do everything properly from the outset. First of all I was shown how to present Bronson to the mounting block correctly, then how he should be standing in balance and finally how to mount so as not to unbalance him at any time. Bloomin’ marvellous! Then off we went, up to the menage.

It was the most enjoyable riding lesson I have EVER had! I have never before ridden feeling so relaxed and confident and Pippsway of riding is so very different to the BHS way I was used to. With a featherlight touch on the reins, a passive seat and a huge smile on my face we spent the next half an hour having a wonderful time altogether. If Pip could bottle the joy I felt both during and since my lesson she would be a very rich woman indeed. I don’t recall feeling quite so delighted since my childhood.

I had totally lost my confidence after a bad fall many years ago and didn’t think it was possible to feel the complete trust and confidence that I felt whilst riding Bronson. To be 41 years old and feel like a kid again has been such a gift. I feel as excited about my next lesson as I used to when I lived for that hour at the stables on a Sunday, whilst at boarding school.

To be with a horse using the most subtle cues of breath, my feelings inside, my posture and even a different way of holding the reins was the most amazing experience. I won’t reflect back on how horses must have experienced me in the past but suffice to say I’m delighted they will be having a very different experience of me going forwards! Most exciting of all is that this was just the beginning! Bronson and I have so many experiences before us to share…..I can’t wait!

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