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What is your intention?

Lusitano Stallion being ridden by Pip Unwin of Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship

When I first came to Pippsway my intention was to learn to ride properly so that my horse would better understand me and be more willing to do my bidding….

My oh my…...was I setting the bar low…...and selling the horse short! From the very first day I set foot in Pips yard she began the work of opening my eyes, and my mind, to the true nature of the horse and the possibilities that exist between us...

I have learned a completely new way of being with horses. How we are in conversation with our horse from the moment we are in his presence. How to understand what he is saying and how to answer him in ways he can understand. I can now arrive at the yard and enter my horses stable, or bring him in from the field, move through gateways and lead, groom, tack up and lunge him, knowing at all times how to convey my leadership, giving him the confidence that he can depend on me and that together we can achieve whatever it is we set out to do.

Do I get it right from start to finish? Not at all! And it’s always a surprise to me that whilst I mostly don’t repeat the same mistakes I make lots of interesting new ones. But to have learned the foundations and have built upon them in such a way that each new lesson has already been underpinned with the knowledge to set me up for success, has given me a confidence I never dreamed of possessing. And whilst I may not be getting it all right, I am at least getting some of it right! For each week that passes I gain more and more understanding. I have truly begun to learn the language of the horse.

The great thing about Pip is that whether you just want to troubleshoot a particular issue you are having with your horse, or you want to learn the Art of Horsemanship from the very beginning, she can teach you, whilst making it the most rewarding experience for you and your horse.

My intention now? To be the best horsewoman I can be. Not only for my pleasure, but also to honour my horse, which has become my true pleasure! To be a partnership.

Learning the Art of Horsemanship with Pip and her horses has truly been one of the most rewarding experiences of my life! When you experience working with horses in this way, it changes everything! Having glimpsed what is possible, my desire to deepen the bond and understanding between my horse and I has become my passion….and finding a passion at the age of 40 has transformed my life!

Now I know it is possible to work with our horses in this way, on this completely different level, it seems bonkers that anyone does anything else!

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