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Energy and Intention - Guest blog by Rhiannon

Pony cantering in open field in a bitless bridle and treeless saddle, Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

Today I was helping (supposedly haha!) Pip change the herds around. I proudly led Bless down to the fields near the arena, and was taking her head collar off when we got in the field. The other 3 horses had all already been let loose and were enjoying a bit of 'yippee'…..

My energy was “oh I must get this head collar off as quick as I can, as Bless wants to run off with her pals and play yippee!”. As a result of my misguided energy, and lack of intent, Bless shot off and I had to rush to get her head collar off quickly before she cantered away.

This was bad behaviour which I had caused and something Bless had never done before. Mmmmmm…

So we went back up the field and I caught her…. I led her back down to the gate and did the head collar release again. Calmly, with the right focused energy and the right intention … I made sure that she waited until I had taken off her head collar and “allowed” her to go. Success!!! All went well and I then went on to do a good job with Jazz, Gerty and Ice.

So some fab learning today, the importance of energy and intent, and using it in the right way to get the outcome we want for our horse and ourselves.

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