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Unexpected benefits...

two horses grazing at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

When I first came to Pippsway my main driver was wanting to improve my riding so that my horse would understand me better, I would be safer and less likely to fall off! Having had a nasty fall years ago this was not a bad idea!

Instead I have been taught so much more. The true nature of horses, how to work with energy, intention and body language. How to be more aware. To focus on understanding rather than just being understood. To do things as I go along rather than leave them ‘til later. That doing things well for even a moment is more valuable than doing anything badly for longer!

What has surprised me is the unexpected benefits of all that I am learning. The principles of Pippsway of Horsemanship have reached well beyond the confines of the yard. I am being taught patience, to allow time for something to work, to allow my children and my dog to do things for themselves that they were always capable of, I just didn’t give them the opportunity. I have lost weight, am fitter, I have gained self confidence, my relationship with my dog is vastly improved. My home is more organised. My children are more helpful within the home. I have raised my expectations of myself, others and of what is possible! Perhaps most importantly I now always look first at myself and ask how I am causing or allowing anything in my life that I am not happy with.

I had heard that horses are our greatest teachers…...going on the evidence so far I would have to agree! When we embrace the ways in which we need to be, to be at one with our horses, we cannot fail to be changed in positive ways.

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