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A new way of being...

riding in the canter fields at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington Somerset near Devon

The confidence I have gained since working with Pip is simply astonishing. I have always been one to play it safe, if I don’t try I can’t fail. Sure I've done a skydive and some other ‘scary’ stuff. But those things were not truly scary to me. What scared me was putting myself out there. I hated doing anything whilst people were watching and preferred to be unchallenged physically or mentally. The safe, encouraging environment that Pip has established has inspired me to break free from this mould. To be brave and bold and try new things. To have the confidence to work with people watching me and not be scared to get things wrong.

Even writing this blog has been a revelation. I asked to to do it! I feel so passionate about Pip’s message and how embracing her teachings can change the life of every horse we meet for the rest of our lives! But it wasn't until I started that I realised it was personal too, this isn't just about horses; this is my journey also. People may not like it, people may not agree with what I write or how I have written it. That was scary to me. But instead of shying away from these ‘uncomfortable’ experiences I have discovered something rather wonderful…..when it goes right it's A-MAZ-ING! When it goes wrong then so what? The world doesn't end!!!!

Experiencing the elation of daring to aim higher and succeeding has been mind blowing. Aiming high and failing now isn’t such a problem either. I just learn from my mistakes and try again. Learning to be a witness, instead of a judge, of both myself and others has been life changing.

I have booked into a two day clinic, working with one of Pips horses, where there will be many other people watching my lessons. In the past this would have been impossible for me and yet now I am able to embrace it, not do everything possible to avoid it. If something makes me feel uncomfortable I want to challenge it, not give in to it!

I had a bad fall many years ago and it really dented my confidence around horses. What I have learned from Pip over these past weeks about the true nature of horses and how to understand the two way conversations we are having has been wonderful. Knowing now that when I am riding my horse will understand me, and more importantly I will understand him, has given me a level of confidence I have never experienced before. This married with the new confidence I have found within myself and my abilities has allowed my need for control to be replaced with a desire to achieve true communication and understanding.

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