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It's a relationship problem...

Herd of mares at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington, Somerset near Devon

Since coming to Pippsway I have learned that very often what we think is a problem is not the real problem at all; it is but a symptom.

Pip has rehabilitated horses that were considered so dangerous that Pippsway really was their last hope. To see those horses today you would never believe that they had ever had any issues, never mind ones that meant they were on the brink of being destroyed.

The bottom line is that most often the problem we see manifested isn’t actually the problem at all, whether that be loading, rearing, bucking or anything else. It is the expression of a different problem. It might be the reaction to something we are doing inadvertently, a response to pain from ill fitting tack or it could simply be that our fundamental relationship with our horse needs some work.

Because of the relationship Pip has established with her horses an enormous aeroplane flying past during a lesson is not a problem, a dog running up to a horse isn’t a problem in fact I’ve yet to see a horse have a problem! None of Pip’s horses have ‘vices’. Bearing in mind most of her horses were rescue cases with difficult pasts this is no small thing! One of her ladies took her horse out, with a friend following behind on a mobility scooter. How many horses wouldn't bat an eyelid at that?

I am so pleased I have found Pip. With her support and knowledge I know that whatever problems I may experience with my horse when he arrives she will always have the answer and, judging by what I've learned so far, it probably won’t be the one I’m expecting!

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