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Enjoying the payoff!

Amber, rescue meat pony in the field at Pippsway Classical Natural Horsemanship Wellington, Somerset near Devon

It’s been a steep learning curve of both horsemanship and dogmanship since I came to Pippsway. Today I got to reap the benefits of all my endeavour and it was such fun!

First of all I Freeschooled with Amber. It went brilliantly, mostly, and in the short period where it didn’t rather than feeling frustrated or upset I actually had a smile on my face as she was teaching me a much needed lesson! Once she was happy I’d got the message we were game on and back to doing beautiful circles off the line, figures of eight and generally having a wonderful time. Working with a horse in this way is just the best feeling ever!

After my lesson Pip was setting up the menage with various different obstacles for her Granddaughter and her pony to tackle. She suggested I bring Brando, my Bullmastiff, in as he was sitting watching all this with great interest. We went over jumps, through a narrow walkway of poles staying within the lines, ran through cones and zig zagged around barrels. He loved it! It’s hard to believe that only a couple of weeks ago he would have dragged me around and done his own thing….Instead we were together as a team and it was awesome!

Yes there were moments today where I forgot myself and Brando immediately started wandering outside the poles and Amber did her own thing because I didn’t react quickly enough to a situation, but far more went RIGHT!!! I have learned so much and reaping the reward of the bond I can now achieve with Amber and Brando was a joy.

I can’t wait for my next lesson!

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