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I’ve said before how I like to practise the skills I’m learning at Pippsway on my dog. He’s a stubborn Bullmastiff and whilst we have done a fair amount of training in the past there was still room for improvement! Through Pip’s teachings I had realised how I was inadvertently being submissive and one of the ways in which I was doing this was by helping my dog into my car.

He’s a big lump and very heavy so in the end I had tired of lifting him in and ‘had to’ get a ramp. If there wasn’t room to use the ramp then he would lift his front legs in (after some coercion!) and then I would lift his back end in. One day at the yard I mentioned to Pip about all this. It was clear from her reaction that perhaps a dog that is perfectly capable of jumping up a river bank might reasonably be expected to get into the back of a vehicle by himself!

Having tried, and failed miserably, to get him to load I asked for her help. Suffice to say within five minutes she had him jumping into the back of my car all by himself!!! I was and am delighted! Pip being Pip she did of course teach me what to do so that we could repeat this wondrous act without her assistance...

So whether it’s a horse or a dog…..if you’re having a problem with loading? Pip’s your girl!!!

And if you are considering buying a dog ramp…...just be prepared to feel rather stupid as you watch your perfectly capable dog jump into the car with no need for it at all! You have been warned…..


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