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The hunt!

Today was one of those days where the power of Pippsway became really apparent. Achieving what you want with your horse in a good situation is great, but being able to do it regardless of conditions is Pippsway!

Pip and I had arranged to go out for a hack and as I drove to the yard I passed the hunt. I was surprised Pip had said about going out on a hunting day but I trust her completely and know that her approach is always to do things enjoyably and safely. She knows my horse better than I do, so if she thinks it’s ok then I trust that. I headed up to the field to bring Bronson in only to find the herd cantering around the 12 acre field in a state of high excitement. In the past I wouldn’t even have entered the field! And even now wouldn't, if I didn’t know the horses, to be fair. As it was I went into the field and asked Bronson to come with me. On my first and second ask he stood still just long enough for me to get close to him and then he shot off to join the herd, going the fastest I have ever seen him go! Pip has always taught me that we ask with the smallest level to begin with, if we don’t get our desired response then we up the ante and on the third ask we absolutely must get a response. So, I did what I have been taught to do with my energy, intention and body language and sure enough Bronson came with me.

The rest of the herd continued their shenanigans with high energy, thanks to the hunt passing by, but Bronson came calmly with me and we went perfectly normally down the lane to the yard.

In the past I would have been scared to ride a horse that had been in such a state of high excitement only shortly before, however I knew as I groomed him and tacked him up, because of the conversation passing between us, that he was listening and I was giving him leadership. We went out for our hack, had a wonderful time altogether and even passed one of the huntsmen on his way home.

I was blown away by the newfound strength of my partnership with Bronson. Thanks to all Pip’s guidance, work with Bronson and her tutelage, we have come so far!


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